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About RPChannel

dA Groups and Chatrooms are listed in these categories.
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RPChannel was originally created by
FullMetalHazard and Kusamochi


Please remember that when you are submitting your art or any activity associated with #RPChannel, that you need to abide to our definitions.

Fandom: An RP based off a TV, Video Game, Book Etc.
(Ex: Homestuck, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Etc.)
Original Character: Any Character that is not associated with any Fandom by any means.
Fan Character: Has any sort of relation to the fandom they are from.
Canon Character: A character directly from a fandom.
(Ex: Kirby, Spongebob, Harry Potter, Etc.)

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RPChannel as of [October 21, 2013] is back offline!

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Groups, like us, that gathers as many available RP groups into one place.


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*Note that if you are viewing this in the far future, please be weary of the information displayed as it may have changed over the course of the time span this is written*

I have the utmost confidence in dA's Group Search and that those who make their intent clear will find the right RPer.

The rest of the Journal is going over some criteria I have been using to gather info on the many RP Groups I have passed by which was intended to help RPers better understand the RP and what it does.

It may be beneficial to have your info displayed clearly so even those that skim the page easily see if this is the RP for them.

Things to Consider Adding to your description / info box

What's the name of your RP dAmn Chatroom?
If you don't have one it's fine. Just leave this blank. (If you have more than one put the link of the most commonly used Chatroom or a page that has all the chatrooms listed.)

If you don't use dAmn Chatroom for RPing; what do you use?
EX: Skype, Chatzy, dA Comments, Journals, Notes, Etc.

Can you describe your group/chatroom?
Please keep it nice and short. (About 200 Characters)

How often does your group/chatroom RP?
*This was meant to gauge activeness so people know's how often there is RP and if they desire to RP that often.*

Does your group support any other languages?
If so, please list them below. If English is the only supported language, please leave this blank.

Which kinds of characters do you allow?
Canon Characters - A character directly from a fandom. (EX: Kirby, Spongebob, Harry Potter, Etc.)
Fan Characters - Has any sort of relation to the fandom they are from
Original Characters - You allow characters from outside your fandom into your RP (For example this Alien Butt Face Monkey)

Do you accept character applications?
Please put the link to the application as your answer. (If you have multiple Applications, please put the link where all the Applications are listed on one page.)

What style does your RP group/chatroom allow?
Paragraph - Latte, a little coffee cup, tips her head politely and smiles at you. "Hello There. Nice to meet you." She says.
Script - Latte: *smiles* Hello There. Nice to meet you!

What Genre does your RP Group/ Chatroom belong to?
Please choose the one that most resembles your RP.

Any Genre
Adventure/ Action
Slice of Life
*These where the Genres used but there is clearly a lot more than just this.*

Out of the Genres you have selected; Which one is the genres is most dominant?
If there is no dominant genre, leave this blank.

Which of the following do you allow?
Please use the other box for any notes/ commentary about how far people can do the following . .

Blood and Gore
Alcohol Reference
Drug Reference
Sexual Content
Tobacco Reference
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Strawberriice Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
Group Name: Sei-Juji
Group Type: School, Fantasy, Slice-of-Life, Fandom (Ao no Exorcist)

Short Summary of Group: Sei-Juji is an Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist casual roleplay group that loosely follows the manga storyline updates.
✧ Challenges (Dueling) will be available as well as increasing your character's stats.
✧ There are many items in our shop-- some for the lulz and others for group official rp.
✧ Group will begin with the School Festival Arc. Members do not need to follow up with the manga to join this group. The Story Journal will contain everything you need to know.
✧ Quest System and Ranking up system available for both Regular Admissions (non-exorcist) and Exorcist Admissions. Check out the Official Records Journal.
Art Based Group: Yes! You must draw your application.
This is an Art Based Group as well as a RP Based Discord Group. A dA chatroom will be available and will have Twitter character accounts (<- not mandatory)!
Link to Group: :iconsei-juji: :iconsei-juji: :iconsei-juji:

✧ Currently Under Construction! Hope to finish everything by the end of April and open in May.
✧ Will need 2 to 3 admins to help with managing the group.
✧ Reservations for Summoned Demon Familiars will be up >here<.
AzuKage Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 The-Worlds-Among-Us is a roleplay group based on Fantasy, Slice of life and slighly romance.

Describtion of the group
There is a world, an always blooming rosegarden, completely hidden from the human eye, where innocent souls are sheltered and taken care of by a loving "mother".

Join us and help your soul start a new life.
Decide if your soul was innocent and deserved better or.. if your soul deserved to rest..

Live unbelievable adventures, make bonds and have fun with us!

But stay away from the forest of the outcasts...
Not only the rosegarden of innocent souls exists beyond the human eye...

The group´s story
Aren't you curious about how this mysterious world came to existence? How the worlds between heaven and hell emerged?

It all began with a death. An ending that would bring a new beginning. A life had to be sacrificed for the creation of this world. A world for lives who deserved more.

Long ago, a young woman, a becoming mother lived. Her whole life spending for one goal. To keep a precious rosegarden alive. A huge floral area within a small town. But her hard work wasn't enough. Destiny wanted her dead. Her and her unborn child's death. This woman lost her life in the place she treasured so much. Surrounded by a sea of roses that started to mourn her. Her body may have succumbed, but not her soul. In that very moment she has been revived into a goddess with demonic powers. Being aware of her new powers, she set a mission for herself: to turn her Rosegarden into a warm home for all the souls that lived a pure life or that were taken away too soon, and look after them. Her journey began with one soul. A soul appearing in the garden. A soul, which didn't deserve to part its body. A young emperor whose life was taken without a reason. The soul being taken care of by the new godess, being cared for like a child. The godess' own child. A new life, a better one wanted to be given by the godess to the innocent soul. In the middle of the world of the living was the rosegarden. It became from time to time a world itself. Expanding, growing but hidden. Among our world was another one. A world for souls who deserved better.

And all went well for a while. The goddess and the new soul grew close to each other, and the rosegarden family gradually became bigger. But the cheerful atmosphere came to a halt when the former emperor came across his brother. Catching glimpse of him filled his heart with hatred. He wanted him dead. He wanted him to suffer just like he did. He wanted revenge. Which he got. His actions saddened the goddess deeply, and she had no choice but to banish her "first child" . As he left the Rosegarden an idea struck him . Wishing his dear brother who betrayed him death was not enough. He wanted more than that.More power. After a period of time and thinking, he started to act. Slowly convincing the souls in the garden. Convincing them that getting revenge, hurting their bullies, murderers, hated people, would make them stronger.

As he went on his own little evil quests, he slowly became stronger and stronger. His body started to take the appearance of a snake as he was feeding on the innocent souls' positive energy. Silently telling them things they should do. Destroying their innocent being. As time passed he got his own god-like abilities and managed to build his own world, deep in a dark and horrific forest. A forest, just like the rosegraden, but deeper. His children became souls which deserved their deaths. Murderers, liars, rapists, psychpoaths, bullies...
Since then, he has been know as Apophis, Lord of the Forest of the outcasts. Apophis, the 'first child' of the godess. The godess Tenesa, became a god. Her opposite. Her dark side. Her shadow lurking in the forest of outcasts.

We hope you found some interrest in our group! THe group is always open!
Manic-Sparkles Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
White-Dove-Academy is an RP group based on the popular anime and manga series Blue Exorcist. In the county of Cornwall in England is an ordinary school with extraordinary cram classes once the day ends where students learn how to become exorcists! Will you fight the demon curse for the Vatican and protect Assiah?

We are currently open until mid April and use Skype for RPs. Be sure to check us out! Rin okumura (Thumbs up) 
phyrereii Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set in 2021, the wizarding world is on the brink of chaos as the Muggle world around them is in shambles. Anti-muggle sentiment is stronger than ever and has begun taking a foot hold in multiple countries. A new group, calling themselves the Death Eaters are beginning to recruit individuals for their cause; meanwhile, another group of individuals have responded by creating the Order of the Phoenix, vowing to take down the purist cult. It's only a matter of time until war breaks out. Pick your side and join us today!

What we offer:

- Two friendly admins with years of admin/mod experience across a variety of platforms (Avidgamers, Acornrack, Spleafnet, IF, PB, Jcink)
- A newer site (est. late 2016 - still under some construction - please don't mind our mess!) with plenty of available roles, face claims, etc.
- A vision to have the direction and plot of the site be member-driven. We love input, ideas, and constructive criticism!
- A pretty unique plot perspective - most sites are so far into the future or are a blast from the past. Incantatem explores all of the what ifs a few years down the road from current, real-life events.
- Tons of possibilities - we have the four main schools, and a pretty unrestrictive list of careers and occupations to choose from. If you can think it, you can probably do it!

Feel free to link back and advertise your roleplay on our site <3 Affiliate applications accepted as well! Guest friendly!

Located @
Riice-san Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icona-c-c-i-o: :icona-c-c-i-o: :icona-c-c-i-o:

A-C-C-I-O is a harry potter themed public role-play group that will be open sometime around mid March to early April. The group is currently under construction, however it is almost finished! I will be looking for regular team administrators around mid March. I will be looking for Head Boy and Head Girl admins around early March. 

This group is discord (for communication & chatting & rp gathering purposes) as well as forum (for role-play and chatting) based. Members must have access to Discord, the Forum, and Google Spreadsheets.

Some features of the group are...
1. Dueling. Will have dueling competitions and award winners handsomely of Treacle Tart (currency) or Hogsmeade Exclusive Expensive items. 
2. Collecting items and chocolate frog cards
3. Creation of maximum three characters. First character slot ticket costs half the price. 
4. Ability to create NPC characters and use them in role-play.
5. Ability to create clubs and have a club thread on the forum. Clubs are student run and can host their own activities. All clubs receive funding. : c l a s s e s + e x t r a c u r r i c u l a r :
6. House chats and threads in discord and the forum. No other house can peek in!
7. Quidditch games held and made by members for members. 
8. Personal Inventories (no member can peek in your inventory!)
9. Can Trade, Auction, Buy, and Sell items (also known as T.A.B.S) in Goblin City (in the threads on the forum). : g o b l i n - c i t y :
10. Personal Store in Goblin City. You can put up items you have for sale, trade, or auction.
11. Can purchase advertisement space of your club/item auctions on the forum front page drop down menu. There are two big spaces. Treacle Tart is required to purchase. NO REAL LIFE MONEY EVER.
12. Four House Cups? Why four? We divided the months in a HP Hogwarts universe into four so each house has a better chance to win the main cup. Houses win by getting a majority of house cups. : h o u s e - c u p :
13. Winning houses's color will be placed on the forum. Everyone will see that color. So if Slytherin wins, the color green will last until the next house wins the next cup. Rewards and exclusive items awarded to the champion house. 
15. Awards for collecting chocolate frog cards and T.A.B.S at Goblin City. : p r o f e c t u s :
16. Collabs? Love to collaborate but the group splits you and your partner's earnings? Have no fear, A-C-C-I-O does not split your earnings. Both sides will earn the same amount no matter if they are in a different house. 
17. Secret Threads! You can sell your unwanted items for lots of currency or buy items for dirt cheap.
Breadbits Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
You were at the Prisma Festival...How did you end up locked away in a prison like this?
Everything was so colorful back you only have the gift of one. 
The [MASTERMIND] trapped you here, and no one knows why. You've been told that there's only two options. Grow lifeless with your lack of color and spend your life down here forever or take others colors and become a Prisma to escape.
Essentially, It's a forced killing game. Kill or be killed.

A danganronpa inspired group with a little splash of color.
Everyone is forced to kill each other or live "peacefully" in their prison until they die.

Reservations are open!
Syobagnamevoli Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017
Hey, guys!
If you're interested in yoi/shounen-ai role plays, plese check out the blog I made :D
jaierre11 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
If you would like to join a strike witches RP group on discord, send me a note.
finn1215 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016  Student Writer
Looking for a long term rp partner, I roleplay on skype or notes 

do: m/m, mpreg , paragraph form, romance,18+, m/m 

don'ts: script forms, controlling of others character, Quiting without saying why

note me if interested
Nekktar Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Wolf-Tribes-of-Ahki [ WToA] is a semi-realistic group that is art, roleplay, and literature based. The wolves express themselves like humans and have the intelligence of one. The characters are still wolves regardless, and look and have the instincts as one. Members can role-play, collaborate with other members or simply write short stories to develop their character and the relationship with others. 
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